Creating the World's Largest Network of AI-powered,
Digitally Connected Shops

Revolutionizing Traditional Retail

Billions of emerging market customers shop on a daily basis... ~30-40 million small mom and pop shops... (Swahili: ‘Duka’)

~$3.5 trillion every year on groceries.

Almost no technology has been developed for this market in decades.

Empowering Shopkeepers

We empower the 30-40 million (mostly female) small business entrepreneurs of the developing world to compete with supermarkets and e-commerce.

Most traditional retailers fundamentally trade cash for goods and if they record any of their transactions, they do so in a simple paper notebook. As such, they lack digital transaction records that might enable them to receive loans or store credit for their business. They are invisible to customers outside of their immediate neighborhood and disconnected from modern retail ecosystems. Although they are crucial sales agents for the world's most valuable brands, they are disconnected and depend on layers of middle men. Until now…